Menstrual Panties

Technological, Innovative, Exclusive!

Draining And Ant-Humidity



A draining and anti-humidity technology

The Goths Organic Cotton skin-touching outer layer absorbs and drains blood directly to the inner layers, so you stay dry all day.





Great absorption power,

Odorless Thanks to a high absorption capacity and great breathability, the Goths Organic Cotton diaper specially treated by our know-how protects you for up to 12 hours without any unpleasant odor.




Leak-proof construction

Breathable and waterproof Pul Membranes that prevent leaks and provide optimal comfort

Certified Oeko-Tex.

* All our products are guaranteed without silver nano-particles certify Oeko-Tex 100 Standart to best respect your body

Some Example of Our Models

Innovative technology for comfortable protection